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Chapter 6 ~ Saturday: October 29, 2010 {No Life After You}
pucker up JJ~
Chapter 6 ~ Saturday: October 29, 2010

Title: No Life After You
Pairings: Jaemily (Kim Jaejoong and Emily Osment)
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (sexual content (but in the last chapter) and some language)
Genre: Romance, Angst, and some Humor
Summary: Aisling Cho has died and gone to heaven and she has been given a second chance to save the love of her life. One month is all she is given and she not to tell anyone what is to happen in the future...Can she do it?


The dance was just about to end. There was one more slow dance for the night. As the song began, couples crowded the dance floor. Jaejoong retrieved Aisling from Micky’s grasp. He led her to the dance floor and as they walked Aisling pointed over to Junsu mouthing to Dae, “Ask him!”

Dae only shook her head and little did she know that Junsu was walking up behind her. Dae watched Jaejoong hold Aisling’s waist lovingly as he kissed her forehead.

“You’re not going to dance to the last song?”

Dae jumped to see Junsu next to her and she immediately blushed and fixed her hair, “Well, I don’t have a dance partner. What about you? I would think you would have dance partner.”

Junsu chuckled softly, “I had a few offers, but I turned them all down.”


Junsu took a deep breath, “Well, I was hoping since we were going to be hanging out a lot since you are helping me with my paper and all—maybe you want to dance with me?”

Dae had to remember how to breathe as she nodded and took his hand. As they passed Aisling and Jaejoong, Aisling winked at Dae who mouthed, “What do I do?!”

“Dance!” Aisling mouthed back.

Junsu shyly put his hands around her hips and she put her hands around his neck loosely and they swayed back and forth to the music. Aisling bit her lip to hold back her laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Jaejoong asked.

Aisling pointed over to Junsu and Dae. Jaejoong looked over his shoulder to see them awkwardly holding each other, “That’s how we were at homecoming freshman year.”

Aisling nodded, “True, true.”

The song continued to play. Both Jaejoong and Aisling remained looking at each other. Jaejoong pulled her closer and kissed her affectionately. Then he began to mouth the words to the song, “I'd do anything to have you close. Even if I got to swim the ocean alone. It just ain't enough when you're on the phone. I'm coming to get you I got to have you close. Close, I got to have you. Close, I really need you. Close, baby I want you”

Aisling giggled at his singing. She loved hearing his voice. She had tried to convince him to audition and become famous, but every time he would say no because it would keep him away from her.

“Do I have to take you home right after the dance?” Jaejoong asked.

Aisling bit her lip, “My parents will be asleep but I think as long as you have me home by two in the am, then it will be ok. Why?”

“I have a surprise for you,” he whispered before sucking on her earlobe.

Aisling bit her bottom lip to hold back a moan. Jaejoong put one of his hands around her neck and pulled her into a tender kiss. There was no tongue action, just a simple romantic kiss. Aisling had no doubt in her mind, that he was the man she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Eventually, they broke for air and Jaejoong sang the last verse of the song, “Just got to have you close. Close, I got to have you. Close, I really need you. Close, baby I want you. Just got to have you close”

Then, the lights came on then everyone groaned in disappointment. Aisling had to wait until every person left the gym. Jaejoong and the boys waited at the door for the girls.
Finally, everyone had left and the girls joined the boys. As they all headed to their cars Junsu said, “Dae, do you want me to give you a ride home?”

Dae opened her mouth in shock at the offer and turned to Aisling. Junsu then said, “I was just hoping we could talk about my paper.”

Dae swallowed her saliva and nodded. She turned to Aisling, “I’ll call you tomorrow. And you!”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened when Dae pointed at him, “WHAT?!”

“Don’t do anything funny!” she warned.

Jaejoong smirked, “Like this?” and pulled Aisling roughly to his body and into a heated kiss as he smacked her butt playfully.

“Yah!” Dae yelled, “PDA!”

Everyone laughed. Then, everyone said goodnight to each other. Dae followed Junsu, Micky and Yunho got into Yunho’s car, and Jaejoong pulled his girlfriend by her waist to his car. He took out a blindfold and wrapped it around her eyes, “What are you doing?”

“Just get in the car,” he said helping her into his car.

He got into the driver’s side and took Aisling’s hand, “Do you trust me?”


Jaejoong started the car and drove off.
They sat in the car in silence, but it was not the awkward silence. It was a soothing silence silence..they were just happy to be next to each other.  Aisling was trying to figure out where he was taking her. The last time, they went to the dance and then he took her home. He kissed her goodnight and he drove home.

Finally, the car stopped and she heard Jaejoong’s car door open. Then, her door opened, “Where are we?”

“Somewhere memorable,” he said taking her hand and helping her out of the car.

Aisling held his hands tightly because she was nervous that she would trip because she was wearing high heels, and, of course, she ended up tripping anyway. Jaejoong caught her by her waist and they chuckled at her clumsiness. Jaejoong held her waist, “Guess I’m going to have to carry you.”

“No, its ok,” she said trying to take another step.

But Jaejoong didn’t listen and lifted her up bridal style. He walked with her in her arms a few more steps and set her down again. He put his hands on the back of the blindfold and asked, “Ready?”

Aisling nodded eagerly which made Jaejoong chuckle softly at her reaction. He swiftly removed the blindfold. Aisling looked around and covered her opened mouth in shock and joy. They were on a hill with a big Ginkgo tree and underneath the tree was a blanket with a small bowl of strawberries. She turned to Jaejoong’s smiling face and she threw herself into his arms, “This is where we had our first date! The strawberries, the tree, the sky full of stars…everything.”

“I’m so glad you like it,” Jaejoong said kissing her forehead, “I didn’t know if you thought it would be cheesy.”

Aisling shook her head, “I’m a female. In my eyes, cheesy is romantic.”

Jaejoong laughed quietly as they sat down. She immediately took a strawberry and bit it.   She graoned at how delicious it was and out the other half up to Jaejoong’s mouth.  He willingly took into his mouth. Then, he leaned in to kiss her quickly.

“Do you remember what cheesy line I used?” Jaejoong asked with hopefulness in his voice.

She bit her bottom lip with a blushing grin and answered, “Last night I matched each star with a reason for loving you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.”

“I have another one.”

“What is it?”

Jaejoong dramatically cleared his throat, sat up, and said, “The sparkle in your eyes could make the stars jealous.”

Aisling giggled with a pink blush, “Good one.”

“Give me a reward?” Jaejoong asked raising his right eyebrow.

Aisling picked up a strawberry kissed it winking at Jaejoong and asked, “Ever experience a fruity kiss?”

“Sounds exotic,” Jaejoong said with a growl in his voice.

Aisling bit half the strawberry and kept in her mouth. She leaned forward with the other half of the strawberry sticking out of her mouth. Jaejoong leaned forward and bit the other end of the strawberry. Their lips met and they bit into the juicy fruit and allowed the juice to run into their mouths as their tongues collided. Their mouths moved against each other sensually and he lightly ran his tongue over his bottom lip tasting vanilla and strawberry.

Aisling pulled away as her face blushing bright red. Jaejoong grinned at her reaction, “Feeling a little shy, are we?”

Aisling shrugged putting another strawberry in her mouth. Aisling looked up at the stars on the sky. She thought to herself, ‘I was up there. But now I’m here—and this is where I want to stay!’

Jaejoong shifted closer to Aisling and took her hand. He brought her hand to his mouth and gently kissed her palm. Aisling grinned, “So, why did you bring me here?”

Jaejoong shrugged, “I just wanted to be here with you. Do I need a reason?”

Aisling shook her head, “I was just curious. OH! How the new song was coming?”

Jaejoong shrugged, “Slowly.”

“Can I hear some it?”

Once again Jaejoong sarcastically cleared his throat and began singing, “Once I say I love you I think you would be gone, oh baby. Cuz we are too young to love so I can say. Little long~ hold you in my arms. But I will be waiting for you. To say you want me to be with you. I'll live in your love and your dream forever and ever. Whenever you look in my eyes. There are so many smiles and tears. I was born to love feel so deep inside. If you need me I'll be your man. Whenever you look in my eyes, I do want to show you my love. I make up my mind make your dreams come true. Nobody can stop me to say I love you.”

“I like it so far,” Aisling said putting a strawberry up to Jaejoong’s mouth, “You should really consider going into the music industry.”

“Aish—I don’t think I could handle all the divas,” Jaejoong said lying on his back chewing the strawberry, “Besides—if I went into music, I would not be able to s—”

“See me as much. I know,” Aisling said rolling her eyes.

“Do you not want to see me?” Jaejoong said teasing her trying to look serious.

Aisling took a strawberry and shoved into his mouth, “Don’t be silly!”

Jaejoong chewed the strawberry starring at his girlfriend who continued to stare at the stars. She sighed loudly and said, “I don’t want you to go anywhere, Jaejoong.”

He sat up surprised at the sadness in her voice. He wrapped his hands completely around her waist puling her against his clothed chest.  He kissed her exposed shoulder. It was a simple gesture, but to Aisling it meant everything.  She could not let this second chance that was given to her just slip away. She wanted to be in his arms forever.  He put his lips by her ear and whispered, “Look at me.”

She turned to face him. He took her face into his hands and brought her lips to his. It was like their first kiss all over again; electricity running through their bodies, Jaejoong was not surprised at the softness of Aisling’s lips, Aisling’s quick breaths of air, both tongues trying to push passed the others lips. Just then, something wet hit the side of Aisling’s face. They both looked up and saw that clouds were covering the starry sky. Jaejoong grabbed the strawberries, told Aisling to grab the blanket. As she did that, it a few more drops dropped on them. He took off his suit jacket and threw it over Aisling. As the rain slowly fell, they ran to his car and the car beeped to let them know, the car was unlocked. They jumped into the front of the car as the rain began to fall heavier.

“I guess we’ll have to wait until the rain stops,” Jaejoong said.

The rain was beating down on the car so harshly that he could not see anything beyond the windscreen except for water, water and more water. Aisling, to put it simply, did not care or mind at all. She was just ecstatic about what Jaejoong did for her.  That he went through so much trouble to reenact their first date.   Jaejoong jumped into the back of his car and put the back seats down and invited Aisling to join him. She took his coat off and brought the strawberries back with her.

“I can’t get enough of how good these are,” she said, taking another strawberry and holding it out to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong leaned close enough for Aisling to push the fruit between his lips. His face immediately scrunched at the bitter taste, making Aisling laugh.

“That one tasted a little bitter,” Jaejoong admitted, not liking the taste in his mouth.

Aisling sniggered, “I’m sorry. Here, maybe this will help.” She leaned towards Jaejoong and pressed her lips against the latter’s mouth, “Better?”

“A little,” Jaejoong muttered before closing his mouth around Aisling’s lower lip. Slowly, he pried his girlfriend’s mouth open. Aisling could taste a bit of the bitterness that still remained on Jaejoong’s tongue. Her tongue impulsively dove in; seeking more of that flavor she loved. Jaejoong indulged her, tilting his head and deepening the kiss.

The rain showed no signs of stopping and neither did the couple. They separated for only a moment’s worth of breathing before kissing again. Aisling cupped Jaejoong’s cheeks while he placed a hand on her knee and surreptitiously slid it upwards. It had been a while since their last private moment together. Real life had been so hectic, giving them no chance to retreat to each other’s embrace when they needed to. They were not able to manage a chaste kiss or two because of the stupid PDA teachers!!  Also, Aisling had been so distracted, because of the second chance she was given to save her future.

When they eventually parted, both were breathless and panting.   Aisling’s eyes were glassy and her lips looked redder than they usually were.  Jaejoong’s eyes were dark as he gazed at his girlfriend intently.   Jaejoong successfully pulled his girlfriend into his lap and Aisling made no movement’s to escape. Jaejoong eagerly pulled her closer and Aisling wrapped her arms around his neck. Jaejoong plunged for another passionate kiss, sliding their tongues together and eliciting surges of electricity through both of them.   Then, suddenly Aisling pulled away and Jaejoong was about to protest.

She bit her lip and asked, “Is it true that guys think about sex a lot?”

Jaejoong was taken aback by her question but answered, “Um…well it’s one of the things we think about. Why are you asking?”

“I—I,” Aisling mumbled, “I wan—want to show you—how much—I love you.”

Jaejoong pulled her forehead down to his forehead, “I love you, Aisling and I know you love me.”

Aisling put her mouth by his ear and hesitantly ran her tongue along his lobe, which is one of his sensitive spots. Jaejoong’s eyes fluttered close as his body shivered in delight.

“I want you to make me yours,” Aisling whispered as seductively as possible.

Jaejoong pulled back, “Wh—?”

Aisling pulled Jaejoong up for a bruising kiss silencing any questions he had about her change in behavior. Their tongues were dancing a sensual tango as their bodies were shuddering. Aisling went for his tie and began to loosen it. Jaejoong stopped her hands asked, “Whoa—what are you doing?”

“Doesn’t sex work better if your clothes are off?” Aisling asked trying to sound sexy, but her tone was full of nervousness.

“You were serious?”

Aisling nodded and took his tie off in a flash, “I want you. Take me,” and she unbutton the first button of his shirt.

Jaejoong took her wrists to stop her, “No, Aisling, we talked about this. You want to wait till your married and I respect your decision. I will wait because I love you.”

“No,” she growled pushing onto his back with her hovering over him straddling his lap, “I want this!”

“No, you don’t,” Jaejoong said trying to sound stern even though he had to admit that her taking control and being dominate was really hot.

Aisling ignored him and unbuttoned the second and third button with trembling fingers and Jaejoong noticed her body shaking. Jaejoong had to force himself to stop her, “Why are you doing this?”

“I want to show you I love you, jerk, and you may not wait around!” Aisling yelled as she straddled him harder and faster, “I want you now. Take me, enter me, fuck me. I’m yours,” She whispered sounding desperate and scared.
“Ok!” Jaejoong said with an aggravated groan as he pushed Aisling onto her back and he hovered over her.

Aisling’s eyes became wide and her body began to tremble even more noticeably. Jaejoong took notice of this and said calmly, “Why do you want to have sex with me? We had this conversation once and I respect your decision to wait. Why the sudden change?”

“Someone told me that the only way you can prove your love for someone is if you sleep with them,” Aisling explained going for his fourth button, but he stopped her grabbing her wrists.

“Who told you that?” Jaejoong asked curiously, “I’m pretty sure it was not Dae. Was it Yunho? You never take anything he says seriously.”

Aisling shook her head, “It wasn’t Yunho.”

“Then, you told you that?”

Aisling swallowed nervously looking away from her boyfriend’s intense worried stare. Jaejoong asked more firmly, “Who told you that, Aisling?”

“Sang-mi,” Aisling muttered under her breath hoping Jaejoong would not hear.

But Jaejoong heard and raised his eyebrows in shock and disbelief, “Sang-mi?”

“She said that guys usually don’t wait around and that if a girl does not give them what they want th—”

Jaejoong stopped her with his lips to cut her off. He pulled away and said intently, “Ok…first of all you ask me as if I am in trouble and with the mafia no less. At school, you cannot get enough of me, not that I’m complaining. Every minute we are alone, you always are holding or kissing me. Now, you are taking advice from Sang-mi of all people. You make it sound and seem as though I am going to disappear or something bad is going to happen.”

Aisling’s eyes began to water a little at what he just said and she said almost begging holding his muscular, upper arms, “Please don’t leave me.”

“Aisling?” Jaejoong asked worried.

She grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him roughly as tears fell from her eyes. Their lips clashed together in need and desperation. She kept her lips close his saying, “I realized that I loved you when you held me in your arms and told me you would do anything to stop me being harmed. Ever since that night, all the years that have passed us by, you have taught me that I can be myself. I have no need to cry. Because you are my boyfriend you have shown me so much light, ever since the day you said, ‘I give you the key to my heart’.”

They broke for air and Jaejoong held her tightly looking into her eyes whispering tenderly, “I'm not going anywhere…it’s not possible for me to fall for another when I've already found my soul mate. Which is you. There is not one possible person in this world that could make me let go of you because I'm in love with you and that is not going to change. There is not another man, boy, girl, lady, woman, animal, thing, supernatural being, that could change the way I feel for you right now, or the way I will feel for you in the future, there's just no way. I love you it’s as simple as that.”

Aisling’s tears stained her face as she sobbed quietly and Jaejoong wiped them away with his a thumb. He smiled at her and lightly brushed his lips against her mouth. He then smirked mischievously saying, “Besides,” and he began to kiss down her jaw line to the crook of her neck and spoke in-between kisses, “I don’t need to—have sex with you—in order to pleasure you.”

“Jaejoong,” Aisling moaned softly tangling her hands into his black locks.

Jaejoong began sucking on a spot on her neck which would leave a small purple bruise and his hand wondered down to the tanned skin of her thigh to squeeze it tease her, “After three years, I know all the little spots that drive you crazy.”

“I love you, Kim Jaejoong,” Aisling sighed pulling his lips to hers.

“I love you, Aisling Cho,” Jaejoong answered with a grin on his face as he kissed his girlfriend.

“Jaejoong…” She called out as his lips left hers, now seemingly attached to her neck.

“Shh…” he hushed her up and traced her throat with his tongue, leaving a sleek line of saliva. He slowly bit down onto his neck, earning an airy gasp from her “Jaejoong,” She breathed as she positioned her hands on his shoulders.

“Shh…” he said again and sucked slowly at the spot, intoxicated by her scent.

Aisling wrapped her hands around his neck so he could not escape as he continued to abuse her neck and collarbone with kisses and small bites. Her eyes opened slightly and what she saw surprised her.

“Hi there,” Dario whispered.

Aisling’s eyes got wide, she held Jaejoong tighter, and mouthed, “Go away!”

“I put something is your purse,” he explained pointed at her purse.

“You ok, love?” Jaejoong asked and Aisling noticed he was trying to look at her.

She loosened her grip and tried to compose herself, “Yeah.”

He didn’t say anything but met her lips in another kiss. He closed his eyes as he kissed her and she left hers open to look at Dario in annoyance. Dario pointed at her purse, “In your purse is a gift for him.”

With that he disappeared. Leaving Aisling slightly confused but she decided to take Dario’s word. She pushed against Jaejoong’s shoulder and said into the kiss, “I have something for you.”

Jaejoong immediately pulled way with a childish smile on his face, “You got me a present?”

“Apparently,” Aisling mumbled as she sat up and grabbed her purse. She pulled out a silver box with a blue ribbon
wrapped around it, “Here you go.”

He opened it excitedly and there was his gift. It was a silver chain bracelet with three key’s linked onto it. Aisling watched his expression and said, “If you don’t like it—I can take it to get something else.”

“No. No. No. I love it,” he said trying to it on his wrist, “Help me?”

Aisling grinned at his childishness as she took the bracelet and linked the two ends together. She loved the childish side of him that because she laughed and acted childish herself.

He admired the silver accessory on his wrist for a second. He looked at Aisling though his black hair locks leaning in to kiss her somewhat bruised lips and said, “I think I should take you home, love. The rain is letting up.”

Aisling nodded unwillingly, “Ok.”
As they drove to Aisling’s house, their hands intertwined and rubbing fingers on each other’s hands. They did not need to speak. Just the act of hand holding meant so much to Aisling. She smiled to herself, ‘I will save our future…’

They eventually pulled up to Aisling’s house. Jaejoong walked her to the door holding her at her waist, “Tonight was great.”

“I’m sorry about the whole ummm…”

Jaejoong kissed her knuckle, “It’s ok. Never be afraid to come to me if you need something. I would do anything to keep you safe.”

Aisling stepped towards him wrapping her hands around his neck, “You too. If you need me for anything, I mean.”
Jaejoong lightly kissed her lips, “Good night, Aisling. I will see you at the game tomorrow.”

“Yes you will,” she said pressing her forehead against her boyfriends.

They reluctantly let go of each other. Jaejoong walked to his car and Aisling entered her house. She kept the door opened as he got into his car and drove away. After he drove away she walked to her room like a lovesick puppy. Dario was sitting on her bed starring at her with a silly grin on his face, “Did you have fun?”

“That’s the understatement of the year,” Aisling said walking into her closet to take off her dress.

“Did he like the bracelet?”

Aisling came out of the closet wearing a pair of black sweats and a red tank top saying, “Surprisingly, yes. But, never do that again!”

Dario put up his hands with a nod, “Ok.”

Aisling lay on her bed under her covers, “I will save him. I will have a future with him. I swear it!”

A/N: muse is just not a happy person right now...>~<
A/N1: PLZ PLZ PLZ COMMENT!!....i need the encouragement (and im not trying to be a comment whore...I just need some support is all...)

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can't wait for the next one. I hope she could find a way to save him..

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