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Chapter 7 ~ Sunday: October 30, 2010 {No Life After You}
pucker up JJ~
Title: No Life After You
Pairings: Jaemily (Kim Jaejoong and Emily Osment..idk lol)
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 for the last chapter)
Genre: Romance, Angst, and some Humor
Summary: Aisling Cho has died and gone to heaven and she has been given a second chance to save the love of her life. One month is all she is given and she not to tell anyone what is to happen in the future...Can she do it?


Aisling was at the soccer game for the first game of the season. They were going up against their rivals from Seoul. The weather was chilly and it was drizzling a little bit, so both Aisling and Dae were underneath a blanket with their coats covering them. Even though the surroundings were miserable, that did not stop either side of the field from cheering on their team. The players were covered in mud and sweat. The two teams were tied at 1:1 and there was ten minutes left on the clock in the last round. Junsu’s coach had him on the bench to rest up for the last minutes of the game.

“I hope they put Junsu back in,” Dae said not taking her eyes off of him.

“So, what happened with you two when he drove you home?” Aisling asked curiously.

“We talked about his paper, he dropped me off, and he left,” Dae said with disappointment in her voice.

Aisling raised her eyebrow and said, “That goes right into the ‘who are you kidding’ file.”

“Yah!” Dae said surprised Aisling didn’t believe her, “I would have told you if he did anything!”

“Are you sure he didn’t make any movements at all?” Aisling asked, “Like the way he looked at you, the tone of his voice, etc?”

Dae shook her head, “I don’t know. I was blushing too much to look at him.”

“Don’t give up, girl,” Aisling said as a buzzer went off letting the crowd know that Seoul just scored.

“Damnit!” Dae yelled along with everyone else in the crowd.

Just then the coach sent Junsu back in. Everyone chanted Junsu’s name and he gave the crowd the peace sign.

Then, he saw Dae and Aisling giving them the thumbs up. Aisling grinned at her, “I’m pretty sure you will end up his.”

Dae blushed, “I hope so.”

“I hope you know you’re wasting time here,” Dario said floating above her, “you are not going to find anything out by sitting here.”

‘I wonder where Jaejoong is,’ Aisling thought to herself, ‘I don’t think it took him this long before.’

She scanned the people who were near the fence cheering for the soccer team. As she continued scanning, she saw Jaejoong walking through the crowd with two hot chocolates in his hands. She was about to wave until a man approached him. She could not see his face, but Jaejoong looked troubled.

‘That does not look like a friendly conversation,’ Aisling thought to herself nervously.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking that I think that you are thinking I am thinking because if you think that I think what I think I am thinking then we have a serious problem,” Dario said floating above Aisling starring at Jaejoong and the man he was glowering at.

She decided to ignore her angel’s random talk and try to make out what they were saying by reading lips, but that was not one of her strong points. The man got close to Jaejoong’s ear and she assumed he was threatening her.

She did not see this last time because she was so focused on the game.

‘I need to look for things I missed before,’ Aisling confirmed to herself.

The man pushed passed Jaejoong’s shoulder and he took a few deep breaths before walking up the stairs to meet the girls.

“Here you go, girls,” he said handing them their hot beverage.

Dae thanked him and turned her head back to the game. He kissed Aisling quickly and then turned to the game yelling, “Go, Junsu!”



“Who was that guy were talking to before you came up here?” Aisling asked concerned.

“Be careful,” Dario warned, “Don’t want to seem too suspicious.”

“I mean,” Aisling said trying to cover up her suspecting tone, “he just seemed pretty serious and I don’t want you to get hurt or into a fight.”

Jaejoong shrugged, “Just some jerk from the other team threatening me.”

“Why you? You have nothing to do for the team.”

Jaejoong shrugged again, “I honestly don’t know, but I could have easily beaten him up.”

Aisling could tell he was not being truthful because he would not look at right in the eye when he spoke. She decided to go investigate herself, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Can I have a sip of your drink, love?” Jaejoong asked as she handed him her drink.

She nodded and walked down the steps. Dae and Jaejoong continued cheering.
She walked through the crowd nervously. She looked at each male that passed her. She knew the man that approached her boyfriend was older than a high school student.

“Are you sure you should go look for him?” Dario asked walking behind her, “What if he’s dangerous?”

Aisling mumbled under her voice, “He is dangerous. If he is part of the mafia gang that attacked us, which I’m pretty sure he is, then he is most definitely dangerous.”

“Well, you should have brought someone with you,” Dario said concerned about his human.

“You were the one who told me not to tell anyone,” Aisling said a little louder as the crowd began to die down, “and
I would have to explain why I am going to find a mob man.”

“You know what the trouble about real life is?” Dario asked floating behind her.

Aisling rolled her eyes in annoyance asking, “What?”

“There’s no danger music.”

Aisling simply rolled her eyes thinking to herself, ‘That is exactly something he would say in this situation.’
She looked around the less crowded area and saw a man walk towards the portable johns that had the same hairstyle as the guy who was talking to Jaejoong. She slowly walked in that direction. As she peeked around the corner, he was gone. She nervously walked towards the portable johns listening intently for any sound. She could not see anyone and so, she decided to look somewhere else.

“Well, what have we here?”

Aisling turned to find a boy to her right. He had spiked, dyed red hair. He had so many piercings and some guy liner on. He looked up and down Aisling’s body, “An American, huh? Never had an American girl before.”

“Leave me alone,” she said backing up into another body.

“You can scream all you want little girl,” the other boy said. He looked the same, but his hair was dyed blue.

“But no one will hear you because of the loud noises coming from the game,” another boy with green dyed hair said.

All three boys backed her up to a wall. One of the boys grabbed her right wrist and twisted it a little, “Please. I don’t have money.”

“It’s not money we are after, sweet thing,” the blue haired boy said leaning in.

“Let’s have an anatomy lesson,” the red haired boy said, “you are a girl and you have three holes in your body, right?”

Aisling’s eyes widened in fear. But her body would not move. The red haired boy continued, “And we have three appendages that can plug up those holes.”

“NO!” Aisling yelled at the red haired and the green haired boy held her arms up to keep her from running.

The blue haired boy began to unzip her jacket. She tried to get away by yelling, but the cheers from the crowd and buzzing of the scoreboard drowned out her yells for help. She looked around for Dario but he was nowhere in sight. Her guardian angel had abandoned her, Jaejoong could not save her because he could not hear, and she was going to be raped. All she could do was close her eyes tightly, cry, and pray. The blue haired boy went for her jeans and she felt so disgusting. She thought that maybe if she didn’t respond, they would get bored. But the boys saw her trying to suppress any emotions and they wanted to make her cry, so seeing her not respond only egged them on even more. He fully unzip and unbutton her jeans and he began working on his, “This will be enjoyable.”


Aisling opened her eyes and saw Yunho standing there, “Yunho! Help!” she cried in terror.

“Get away from her, you pig!” Yunho yelled.

“We found her first, go find your own,” the red haired boy said.

“I said let her go!” Yunho yelled kicking the blue haired boy who started to take off her jeans.

The red haired and green haired boy let Aisling fall to ground because she was unable to hold herself up. She sunk to the ground and curled up in a ball trembling softly repeating Jaejoong’s name.

The chain link fence rattled as two backs collided against it, the red haired boy slithering into the ground in an unconscious heap. The green haired boy staggered but kept upright, and in his swaggering state he swung his arms in an attempt to strike Yunho. Yunho was quick to dodge, and as he caught the other’s fist, he swiftly turned around and dug his elbow into the blue haired boy’s guts. The body went slack and with a gurgle, the green haired boy dropped onto his back on the floor when from out of nowhere a block of wood was smashed into his shoulder. It sent him on his knees on the ground, and then there was a swift kick, Yunho’s dirty heels coming into contact with his ribs that sent his breath flying out of his lungs. Another quick kick was aimed at him, but Yunho was much quicker: he thrust his arm out and caught the offending foot, dropped onto his back and rolled, “Now get outta here, you filthy pigs.”

The three boys ran away from the field and into the parking lot. Yunho fixed his jacket and approached Aisling,
“Aisling, they are gone.”

She looked up at Yunho and around her noticing that they were the only ones by the portable johns. She looked back at Yunho who smiled saying, “You are okay.”

Aisling threw herself at Yunho wrapping her arms around his neck tightly, “I was so scared! Thank you!”

Yunho wrapped his arms around her waist lifting her up to stand on her feet, “You need to be more careful. There are creeps all around this part of the campus. You were lucky I was walking by.”

Aisling nodded in agreement, “I was so scared.”

“What are you doing back her by yourself anyway?” Yunho asked.

“Uh…I was…um…” Aisling was trying to figure out how to tell him that she was looking for a man who was a part of a mafia that wanted to kill her boyfriend.

Yunho starred at her raising his right eyebrow waiting for an answer. Aisling noticed his impatience and she knew he only wanted to know because he cares about her. Aisling took a deep breath, “Ok…I think Jaejoong is hiding something from me.”

Yunho was taken aback by her accusation and scoffed, “Jaejoong is the last person on earth who would ever hide anything from you. What would he be hiding from you anyway?”

“That he is somehow involved with a mafia?” Aisling muttered

“A mafia?!”

“But I asked him about it one day and he got pretty defensive. Also, I saw him talking to an older man who definitely did not look like a teacher or a student. He almost seemed to be threatening Jaejoong.”

“Well, maybe he got upset because you accused him of being a part of a mafia! Also, maybe he was a teacher that Jaejoong has and he was giving him a warning about not doing his work.” Yunho explained.

Aisling sighed loudly, “Believe me when I say, I am more than positive he is hiding something from me.”

Yunho knew that Aisling was never the type to be suspicious of her boyfriend, even when he was surrounded by other girls, so maybe if she did suspect something…maybe just maybe…there was something Jaejoong was hiding from everyone. Yunho shoved his hands into his jeans saying, “He may be hiding something, if he is, and he does not tell you—he may be not telling you to keep you safe.”

“Yunho…will you help me?”

“Help you?”

Aisling nodded, “You hang out with Jaejoong after school a lot…can you keep an eye on him whenever I can’t?”

Yunho’s eyes widen as he shook his head back and forth quickly, “Oh no! Nononononono! NO!”

“Please? I’m desperate…he would probably talk to one of his guy friends about it,” Aisling said trying to hold back her tears, ‘I know what will happen if I don’t find out how to help him…Yunho, if you are truly his friend—you will help me…’

Yunho sighed noisily as he hung his head, “Ok…but if there is nothing out of the ordinary—you drop this ridiculous theory. Got it?”

Aisling smiled victoriously and threw herself at Yunho, “Thank you, Yunho! Thank you so much!”

Yunho returned the hug to his “little sister”. They let go of each other as two female voices yelled for Yunho. Yunho said he had to go entertain his “friends”. Aisling laughed at him as she went the opposite way back to the stands.

As she walked through the crowd Dario appeared, “Well, at least we have someone on our side.”

Aisling nodded as she turned to walk up the stairs, but bumped into a body. She looked up to apologize, but a strong pair of warm arms embraced her tightly, “I was about to go look for you.”

Aisling hooked her arms around Jaejoong, “I got lost in the crowd, but I’m ok. Oh, and Jaejoong?”

“Yes?” Jaejoong asked firmly holding his girlfriend.

“I can’t breathe,” she said with breathless giggle.

Jaejoong immediately let her go and blushed. Aisling leaned up to give her boyfriend a quick peck. They returned to their seats and continued watching the game.

There was one minute left on the clock and one of the other members of their soccer team had the ball....GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game went into over time and the rest of the game...Aisling had a bad feeling almost as if she was being watched...she wrapped her arms around on of Jaejoong's arms tightly.  He chuckled kissing her temple, "You seem a little distracted, baby."

"Um...I'm just tired and it's a miserable day," Aisling said.

"Well do you want me to take you home?"

"NO!" Aisling yelled.

Jaejoong's eyes widened at her sudden outburst.  Aisling bit her lip, "I--I thank you...I don't want to be alone today is all..."

Jaejoong raised his eyebrow, "Okay...then, why don't we go to Dari*, huh?"

Aisling nodded and he couple said goodbye to everyone...they drove to the cafe in silence...Aisling stared out the window trying to hold back her tears.  The days seemed to go by so quickly and she felt like she was getting nowhere fast with saving her future...
A/N: is chappie 7...I'll try to update soon...but PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ COMMENT!!
A/N1: So...Aisling saw someone confront you think she'll interrogate him about it? Or what? Interested to hear your thoughts!! :D
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