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Chapter 3 ~ See You Tonight {Hold It Against Me}
pucker up JJ~
Title: Hold It Against Me
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff, Drama
Warning: I am going to have two gay couple's in here(by request from a friend -_-"), but NOTHING really explicit. I PROMISE!
Summary: Two different people...from two different backgrounds. One raised as a princess--one raised to live on his own are going to meet. Will they be able to satisfy each other's needs in life? Will they be able to stay a secret from the world? Or will society and rules keep them apart and will with world hold it against them?


Chapter 3 ~ Hold your glasses up, people everywhere/Now everybody put your hands in the air, say/Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl, I wanna/Yeah, yeah, yeah, I wanna see you tonight/Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl, I gotta
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)/I gotta, I gotta, I've gotta see you tonight

Emily sat in class listening to Napoleon Bonaparte's failure when his invasion of Russian was a mistake and a disaster! He didn't count on the severity of the Russian winter, and he couldn't believe the Russian people would burn their own towns rather than let him capture them.  Her cell phone vibrated in her pocket and she was able to take it out since the teacher's back was towards the class.  

My Baby Emily
My Cutie Dolphin
U didnt return ANY of my txts from this weekend!! If u dont respond to this txt im gonna come over to your school!

Emily couldn't help but silently giggle to herself.  It's true that she did not return any of Junsu's text messages because she was so upset that he actually stalked her and Brad to the restaurant.  She felt that he did not trust her and she needed to punish him.  

To: My Cutie Dolphin
Sender: My Baby Emily
Subject: Re: HELLO?!
Ok. Ok. I'll stop ignoring you, but seriously. you need to trust me more and DO NOT COME HERE! It was you who said you didn't want anyone to know about our relationship.

My Baby Emily
My Cutie Dolphin
Re: Re: HELLO?!
i know i know. i just thought if i threatened w/ that then u would respond, baby ;P u r still coming to the valley 2day right? 

To: My Cutie Dolphin
Sender: My Baby Emily
Subject: Re: Re: Re: HELLO?!Of course I am coming to the valley. This time do not forget your Chemistry book okay?

To: My Baby Emily
Sender: My Cutie Dolphin
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: HELLO?!
My favorite element is uranium, because I love U!

To: My Cutie Dolphin
Sender: My Baby Emily
Subject: (-_-")
You big piece of cheese <3

To: My Baby Emily
Sender: My Cutie Dolphin
Subject: ^_^v
U <3 this big piece of cheese!!! X3

To: My Cutie Dolphin
Sender: My Baby Emily
Subject: Re: ^_^v
I do <3 I will see you later, okay? Class just got out

To: My Baby Emily
Sender: My Cutie Dolphin
Subject: Re: Re: ^_^v
ok love. TTYL <333 P.S. i need to talk to u something after tutoring

"So what the Periodic Table symbol for gold?" Emily asked.

"AU," Junsu answered confidently.

"Good job, baby!" Emily said closing the book, "You got all fifty of those questions right! Did you really study?"

"YAH! Of course I studied," Junsu pouting a little.

Emily grinned laying a quick peck on his pouty lips, "I am glad you did, baby. Good job."

They took Emily's books back to her limo and then they headed to the small river to talk about whatever it was Junsu needed to say.  Emily kept going over it in her head...was he going to break up with her, was he going to say he really did not trust her, was he going to say he needed a break until she got Brad to disappear from her life, was he goin--

"You are thinking to hard, baby," Junsu chuckled wrapping his arm around Emily's waist.

Emily threw her arms around his neck, "What makes you think I am over thinking something?"

"I can see it on your face," Junsu answered.

"Well what is it that you have to talk to me about?"

Junsu nodded, " you know we cannot go on dates because I don't want to risk having someone with an Asian guy.  If someone saw, then you would be taken away from me.  So, I can only be here in this valley and sometimes at your house."

Emily nodded, "Yes, and we always make the best of our time."

"But it's not enough, Em.  I want to take you out and treat you like a girlfriend.  Not just a girlfriend whenever we are here.  Because I have read stories where girls have left their boyfriend's because they only treat them like girlfriend at certain times or at certain times in certain places and that is not how I want our relationship to be."

Emily didn't nod and reply as she waited for Junsu to continue.  He took a deep breath, "Emily...I want come to my house."


"You know, I want you to come over to where I live.  I know all about your lifestyle, but you know nothing about mine.  I want to take you to my apartment and to take you on a date to my club," Junsu said confidently, "What do you say?"

Emily was speechless.  He had always told her about his club Love In The Ice.  She only went to clubs with her friends and never had fun because she could never get her grind on with Junsu and she wanted her first grind to be with Junsu so, "YES! I want to, Junsu!  I want to see where you live and to go clubbing with you!  YES!  YES!  YES!!"

Junsu hugged her tightly lifting her up to spin her around, "I am so glad, Em.  Do you think this weekend?"

Emily thought about her parent's schedules.  Her Mom was going to be in Germany for the rest of the month and her Dad was going to be in Paris checking out some new French actor he has become interested in by the name of Pierre Boulanger.  So she nodded confidently, "Yes.  I will be there."
The whole week went by so slowly for Emily because of her first date with Junsu.  Her very first date with him...she felt so giddy like a schoolgirl who just got asked by the star quarterback of the football team.  She was wearing a brand new dress she just bought especially for this special date.  She was able to convince one of her friend's to throw a party that she "would attend".  But, she will not show up because she told her friend to have the party at some random club that "her driver got lost going to".  

She took a deep breath grabbing her purse and heading out of her room.


Emily turned to her brother bitting her lip, "Too much."

Jake shook his head, "Not at all.  Junsu is gonna flip when he sees you."

"Is that little brother talk for 'you look pretty'?"

Jake nodded chuckling.  Emily smiled, "Thank you.  so what are you doing tonight?  It's Friday."

"It's Friday!  Friday!  Gotta get down on Friday~~~!!"

Emily laughed at her brother singing the Rebecca Black song and Jake then said, "Chris is coming over to play some Black Ops."

"Well have fun and tell him I said 'hey' will ya?"

Jake nodded, "Have fun on your date with Junsu."

With that Emily headed to her limo, told him where to go and she was on her way taking deep breaths the whole way there.

Emily stood in front of the club with her driver waiting for Junsu to come out to get her.  She really stuck out like a sore thumb.  Her dress was a bright yellow and white, she was practically the only white girl there, and she was the only one with a personal driver...of course she got stares and people whispering in a language she did not understand.  

"Emily baby!" Junsu said running out to her covered in a little bit of sweat. 

She was about to hug him like they always do, but this time, he full on kissed front of people!  She was not complaining.  She threw her arms around her man returning the passionate(and very public) kiss.  Junsu released her lips and took a good look at his girl.  Emily watched him carefully, "Do I look okay?"

"Do you want the gentleman answer or the horny boyfriend answer?" Junsu asked cocking his head to the right a little with a smirk.

Junsu took a step back yet not letting go of Emily's hand, "My gentleman answer is that you look absolutely beautiful."

Emily sheepishly grinned waiting for him to continue.  Junsu then threw on a smirk, "For my horny look so fucking fuckable."

Emily's driver then cleared his throat, "I will be back to pick you up Miss Osment around three in the morning, yes?"

Emily nodded and thanked her driver.  When he was driving away, she turned back to Junsu, "You scared my driver off!"

"You told me to give you my horny answer, baby," Junsu said.

Emily nodded, " are we just gonna stand here or are you going to show me inside?"

Junsu placed his hand around her waist pulling her into the night club.  She was super impressed because she did not expect what she saw.  When you first walk in there is a walkway through a bar area where people 21 and over could happily sip and chug their beverage.  As you walk further into the building you come to a staircase taking you down under the building.  There you would find a sitting area with another small bar and with a small dance floor and a DJ.  Junsu explained this was where people could just sit and talk if you do not feel like dancing.  Then, there was a narrow hallway and as the couple walked down the hallway the music got a little louder by the second.  Finally, they reached the main dance floor.  It was HUGE!  With two different floors and people dancing everywhere.  

Junsu squeezed her hand, "What do you think?"

Emily was speechless, "Junsu, this is incredible!  You run this whole place by yourself?!"  

Junsu shrugged, "Well, actually I was gonna tell you about that."

"Tell me about what?"

Junsu was about to say what he was going to say but was interrupted, "JUNSU-AH!"

Emily and Junsu looked to see a male come over to them.  He was handsome.  He had longish brown hair and an eye smile.  His snake jacket and slightly ripped jeans made him look a little intimating.  He approached the couple looking from Junsu to Emily.

"Emily," Junsu said, "this is my friend, Park Yoochun." 

He smiled at Emily taking her hand and kissing it, "You must my Emily Osment."

"YAH!  Yoochun-ah!" Junsu yelled taking her hand away from him, "You grease-ball, this is MY girlfriend."

"Possessive much?" Yoochun teased.

"It's very nice to meet you, Yoochun." Emily said smiling sweetly.

"Su-ah!" another male yelled out.

He looked a little more intimidating with his black hair, black eyes, spikes on his gloves, and scary look.  He walked up to Junsu and smirked, "You and I have a dance battle to finish."

Junsu nodded, "You mean you and I have a dance battle that you are going to lose."

"Not this time, Su-ah," the male said.

Junsu then gestured behind where Emily was standing with Yoochun.  He looked and and his mouth opened slightly, "Is that her?"

Junsu nodded.  The male walked up to Emily and bowed politely saying, "Hello, my name is Jung Yunho."

Emily shook his hand, "It's nice to meet you, Yunho.  My name is Emily Osment."

"You may prettier than Junsu has told us.  Everything he said never gave you justice."

Emily blushed a little, "Thank you, Yunho.  That was sweet of you.  You are quite the charmer."

"YAH!" another male(yes another) male voiced yelled out, but this time in anger.  The angry male marched up with Emily glaring.  He was kind of scary.  He had cold-looking eyes and he had the muscles to back it up.  His blonde hair made him look more intimidating.  

Yunho chuckled grabbing the blonde from behind, "Emily, I want you to meet Kim Jaejoong."

Emily wasn't sure if she should shake his hand, wave, smile, or do anything so she just said, "Hi, Jaejoong. My name is Emily Osment.  I am Junsu's girlfriend."

Once Jaejoong heard that this white girl was Junsu's infamous girlfriend, he smiled, "Oh.  It is so nice to finally meet you!"

Junsu sighed, "Hyung, you don't have to scare her.  We all know Yunho is yours."

"You are damn right, Su-ah," Jaejoong said cocking his eyebrow.   

Emily leaned towards Junsu whispering, "I am scared and confused of this Jaejoong."

Junsu pointed at Jaejoong and Emily caught Jaejoong and Yunho...making out!  Emily raised her eyebrow, " i get it."

Junsu chuckled pulling Emily to the dance floor with all of this friends following them. 

Authors Notes:
1) So here is an update...I hope you all like it.
2) I won't update for awhile after this but I promise to update as soon as possible.  
3) My muse is slowly returning. 
4) and as always...PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Yay, an update! Their first date, yes! Oh and we have the YunJae couple here? Lol now I know why you mentioned he was takened in the character prologue. This was a great chapter. Can't wait for the next update! ^_^

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