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Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls 1/?
pucker up JJ~
I had this crazy dream last night. It was one of those dreams where you don't wanna wake up and either your parents or your stupid alarm clock wakes you up. Then, you try to fall back asleep to go back to that wonderful dream...then it doesn't work TT^TT

anyway, this is a dream that I had and Junsu was the main hero of this story xD lol
I woke up thinking, 'I have to make this into a one or two-shot.' we go lol

Title: Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut
Rating: PG (this part)
Warning: This is a JYJ fic (But i SUPPORT TVXQ5/DB5K)
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own anything but the dream TT^TT
Summary: Dong Bang Shin Ki is on their way to America for Hollywood Bowl, Junsu is seated next to a girl on an airplane who is very intrigued by even with a language barrier, will he be able to surpass his Engrish to communicate with this girl?

Emily sat on the plane right next to the window seat.  The plane was huge and filled with all types of people.  Girls, women, boys, men, the elderly.  Emily sat in her seat content about going home.  She had been teaching ESL (English Second Language) to young Korean students.  The great thing about the whole program was that she was not required to know Korean because that would not have helped the students at all.  she had actually done a fantastic job teaching them.  

As more passengers boarded the plane, Emily felt someone sit down in the seat next to hers.  She did not want to obvious about checking out her seat mate, so she nonchalantly looked around the plane, finally coming to her seat mate.  What she saw before her was none other than one of the 5 rising gods of the East......Kim 'Xiah' Junsu!!  She abruptly turned towards the window taking a deep breath, 'Am I imagining it or is this for real?'

She turned back towards the seat in front of her as normally as possible.  She pretended to fiddle around with her carry-on bag which consisted of necessities such as iPad, iTouch, a few snacks, and her Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows book.  She slowly looked over to her nine hour plane ride companion.  He must have sensed her looking at him because he met her eyes almost waiting for her to do something.  But she smiled sweetly and turned back to her carry-on bag to take her book out.

She noticed out of the corner of his eye getting out of his seat to do something.  Once he left, she let out the loudest sigh thinking, 'Oh my God.  It really is Kim Junsu!  What the hell am I going to do?  How am I going to survive a nine hour plane ride with the bias of my favorite  boyband right next to me?!  Guess now I can't re-watch MOZART.  Damn.  I don't know if I should be happy I am sitting next to my bias or nervous.  I can't let him know I am a fan...he may make sure security never lets me into any of his concerts.  If I ever go to any of their concerts.  I did not even know that they were going coming to the states!  It's not like he would remember me or anything...'

Just then, Junsu returned to his seat smiling slightly at Emily.  Emily returned the awkward smile, 'Yep...worst plane ride ever.
It was already two hours into the plane ride.  Emily was still freaking out.  Junsu?...Well he was sleeping.  Emily had been thinking to herself that he deserved every second of that sleep.  She knows he works hard.  She had to force herself to stay focused on her book, 'Junsu~~why do you have to be so cute?  It's impossible to ignore you.'

She decided to take stare out the window before remembering the only thing she'll see are clouds.  She couldn't watch Dong Bang Shin Ki, HoMin, or JYJ stuff because she didn't want to seem like the obsessed stalker.  She didn't want to stare at him and feel like a creeper and she could not take her camera out of her bag to sneak a photo...

"Ugh~~" Junsu groaned waking up from her nap.

Emily went back to her book.  She heard him mutter something in Korean calling over a flight attendant.  Emily knew there was one flight attendant who only spoke English for specific passengers.  Emily hoped it wasn't the English speaking one that would come to Junsu's aid because she from watching video's all over the Internet that English was not Junsu's best language, ' Wow I sound like a total creeper.'

"Can I help you?" the English speaking attendant said smiling almost too much.

Junsu smiled sweetly back speaking in Korean.  Emily was slightly curious so she turned her head slightly noticing Junsu rubbing his lower back.  The flight attendant continued smiling too much saying, "Sir, the other Korean attendants are busy so let me help you.  But you have to speak on English."

"...Eh?" Junsu said raising his brow.

Emily felt bad for him.  His lower back was obviously in pain.  Was this woman so taken in by him that she didn't notice him pointing to his back?  Finally after a little longer Emily put her book down, leaned over saying, "Ma'am, his lower back is in pain.  He needs an Advil or something.  That is what he was trying to say."

Junsu looked at Emily eyes widened a little in shock.  Emily swallowed some saliva, 'What the hell did I just do?'

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh.  Gotcha.  Be right back," she said winking at Junsu.

Junsu didn't see the wink or the attendant walking off as his eyes stayed fixed on Emily.  Emily bit her bottom lip nervously turning to look at the seat in front of her.  She could not believe she just spoke up for Kim Junsu...

"감사합니다. 당신은 한국어 할 줄 아세요?" (Thank you. Do you speak Korean?), Junsu asked curiously.

Emily bit her bottom lip again turning towards the cutie seeing Junsu chuckle, "재중은 않는다는 것을 그는 너무 긴장 경우." (Jaejoong does that when he is nervous too.)

Emily took a deep breath saying, "The truth is I saw you rubbing your lower back and I figured that is what you needed and the flight attendant didn't understand what you were saying so I just," Emily rambled before realizing, "and you probably don't understand a word I am saying, wow I am dumb."

Junsu chuckled a little, "It's good.  My name Junsu Kim.  Long time no see."

Emily could not help but giggle at Junsu's popular English term, "No. It's nice to meet you.  Long time no see is when you know someone and who have not seen them for a long time."  

Junsu chuckled nodding, "Okay.  Nice to meet you."

Emily took another deep breath smiling awkwardly reaching for her Harry Potter book but Junsu stopped her grabbing her wrist, "Wait?"

Junsu then stood up quickly walking towards the back of the plane.  She could hear him talking in Korean and someone responded.  The guy who responded sounded an awful lot like Park Yoochun.  Her best friend would flip out if she ever found out that Emily was not only sitting next to Kim Junsu...but siting on the same plane was Park Yoochun.  

Junsu finally came back with a pad of paper.  Emily took the pad of paper reading the words, 

My name is Junsu Kim.

Emily looked from the pad to Junsu.  He kept his eyes on her so Emily reached into her bag to grab a pen.  She wrote and handed it back to Junsu.

My name is Emily Osment. Do you write better English then you speak?

Junsu chuckled at her taking the pad and writing, I do. I still learn how to speak English. I learn how to write first then I speak.

Emily nodded writing, I see.

Emily, what you do in Korea?

Emily took the pad, I am heading home to America. I was in Korea teaching English as a Second Language.

"Ahhhhhh," Junsu said reading and writing, So you speak English?

Emily nodded, Yes and English only. The program required for the teacher to only speak English.

Junsu nodded understanding and writing. Emily was surprised at this situation she found herself in. He was laid back, easy going, and normal. He seems so silly on stage but in person he is much more charming and charismatic then others think. He handed the pad to Emily, You teacher! :D

Yes I am. I am going to college for becoming a teacher. I traveled to Korea to pay off some loans. T^T

Emily FIGHTING! ^^

Emily blushed at the one and only Junsu telling her to keep going! Emily was about to write but Junsu took the pad back. Gave it back to Emily, Do you know who I am?

Emily swallowed some saliva. She had two choices here to creep the handsome guy out by being a creeper fan or act cool and composed and act like she had never heard of the cuteness that is Kim 'Xiah' Junsu...let's go with the latter, Um...should I have heard of you?

Emily watched Junsu carefully. It seemed like he read the simple sentence over a few times before locking eyes with Emily and smiling sweetly. Emily could see in his eyes he seemed relived. He wrote, It's good. Nevermind ^^b

Emily giggled...this was stilla dream come true. 
The rest of the plane ride Junsu and Emily talked about everything from their interests, dislikes, dreams, family, friends and even ex-lovers.  Emily even taught his a few more English phrases such as; "It's nice to meet you." "What time is it?" "Where are you from?" "Where is the bathroom?" "You're welcome." and "Are you free tonight?"

Emily took this an experience that even though JYJ are amazing performers and singers, they are normal people like everyone else in this world.  Eventually the plane landed and it was time to get off. Junsu took the pad, "
This was best plane ride ever."

Emily giggled, It was a lot of fun. We used A LOT of paper.

Junsu laughed nodding, "Yes."

Emily reached up for the upper compartment for her suitcase but Junsu stopped her by getting it for her. He handed it to her smiling with his mouth and his eyes. Emily will never have another plane ride like this...ever again, "Thank you, Junsu."

Junsu proceeded getting his own bags down. Emily, Junsu and the other passengers proceeded off the plane. As they got closer down the hallway, Emily could hear girls getting all excited when people started coming out of the hallway. There were cameras and fangirls...should have totally seen that coming. Emily kept her head down low.

Finally getting away from all of the fangirls she felt relived yet a little disappointed she did not get to properly say goodbye to Junsu. She tok her cell phone out to call her Mom to let her know of her safe arrival.


Turning her head, she saw Junsu run to her taking her hand into his hand. He dragged her to a corner not well seen by others. If anyone saw they would probably think the two of them were going to have a frisky meeting. Junsu took her cell phone and started working it like he was the owner. After a few minutes, he handed it back. Emily looked down...'OH MY GOD HE PUT HIS NUMBER IN MY PHONE! MY PHONE!"

Then a text showed up saying, "I learn good English to talk to you ^^b"

Emily looked up at him grinning, "Junsu Fighting!"

Junsu chuckled nodding. Emily grabbed her suitcase only to be stopped by Junsu again. They stared at each other intensely. Emily could feel herself blushing red all over.  Junsu tucked a small bit of her blonde hair behind her ear, "Nice to meet you."

Emily nodded, "Nice to meet you too, Junsu Kim."

Junsu then wrapped his arms around her small waist.  It took a few seconds for Emily to process who's arms she was in.  This was practically every Cassie's be held in the arms of one of the boys of Dong Bang Shin Ki.  His arms felt as strong, manly, and warm as people have said and as she had thought.  Before Emily could even hug him back, he let go waving, "See you tomorrow."

He left her with a rapid beating heart and a contagious giggle at his silly English.  She finally called her Mom and her best friend to let them know of her safe arrival when she got a taxi.  The entire way home, she vowed to never let anyone know of the encounter she had on the airplane and after the airplane, while watching the Mirotic Music Video...

1) Thank you for reading...PLZ comment. 
2) I FINALLY GOT MY MUSE BACK! I WILL START UPDATING ALL OF MY STORIES! i had been going through a slump with a friend in a car accident, grandpa being in a car accident, and school.

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I was a little weirded out by the couple but I like it!! They're very cute x3 Update soon!

^^;; i'm sorry for the weirdness...i just like interracial couples...
thank you~~~~:)

OMGGG this is so cute ^^
I enjoyed it~
I can totally hear JunSu's English in my head! So adorbs! ^^
I'm glad you're back! *hugs* I hope you, your friend and your grandpa are doing better now! <3 Also hwaiting with school! <3

this story has been updated~sorry for the long wait ;^;

OMG! I loved this! Glad to see you have your muse back. Can't wait for new updates!

Morgan ^_^

this story has been updated~sorry for the long wait ;^;

I like this. It's very cute xD
Everytime I'm on a plane, I look at the passengers with this small little hope that they will be on it hahahaha. They never have been. DX

this story has been updated~sorry for the long wait ;^;

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