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Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls (2/?)
pucker up JJ~
Title: Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut
Rating: PG-13 (this part)
Warning: This is a JYJ fic (But i SUPPORT TVXQ5/DB5K)
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own anything but the dream TT^TT
Summary: Dong Bang Shin Ki is on their way to America for Hollywood Bowl, Junsu is seated next to a girl on an airplane who is very intrigued by even with a language barrier, will he be able to surpass his Engrish to communicate with this girl?

It had been almost close to a year since that fated plane ride from Korea to America.  Emily never saw Junsu in person after that, however, they kept in contact any way they could.  Mostly through the power of the cellular phone. They texted and even called each other.  For the calling it was always planned because of the major time differences. They had used Skype a few times.  But not as often, as Junsu would say, as they would like.

Whenever Junsu called it made Emily's heart beat a little faster.  She had not told him that she did indeed know he was the charismatic, sexy, charming, easy-to-bully, dolphin, duck-butt Kim 'Xiah' Junsu.  He had not said anything to her either which to Emily meant that he enjoyed having a friend who "did not know" who he really is.  His English was getting better and better each time they talked.  She would teach him  a few things and Junsu even attempted to tutor Emily in Korean.  It was really funny at times because she would pronounce wrong and Junsu would crack up.  

Whenever they skyped, they would flirt a little bit more than one could over the phone.  Whenever they talked, he was honest.  He would tell her how pretty she looked and she would compliment how god his English gets.  He was obviously studying hard.  He always told her that he wanted to learn quickly to talk to her as often and comfortable as possible.  She did teach him a couple times and he learned quickly.  There was one Skype "date" they had where Junsu tried some cute, cheesy pick-up lines causing Emily to go into a fit of giggles whilst Junsu would blush from embarrassment.  

There were also some times when Junsu would sing to her.  Those were the moments when Emily really felt special.  She was sure Junsu would not sing for just anyone.  He had recently told her of his involvement in a musical.  She guessed he would think he was a wannabe actor trying to make it big.  So she went along with that thought in mind.  He told her he was to play the role of a rebellious Wolfgang Mozart.  She told him to stay focused and not to tire himself out too much.  He then asked her if she would like to hear a little bit of the love song in the musical.  Emily nodded with a blush. 

He had begun singing (in Korean of course) and he did not take his eyes off of her.  Normally, artists who sing close their eyes while they sing and she knows Junsu is an eye closer.  But, he kept his eyes open.  She had felt her face redden up like a red pepper.     

You would think this type of a secret would be hard to keep, but for Emily it was very easy. She did not want her relationship(could she even call it that?) with Junsu exposed. That would put her danger of cyber bullying and the possibility of being beaten up. She did not even tell her best friend...but she REALLY wanted to...but she just for some reason could not bring herself to tell her. It's lucky for Emily that her bias is Yoochun.  This was a burden disguised as a blessing...or was it the other way around?

Emily was studying in her dorm room with two of her girlfriends.  They had a HUGE Macroeconomics test.  The three girls were quizzing each other on the 45 degree line, Supply and Demand, and MPC/MPS.  After a good five hours of studying, Emily got a picture text.  She saw it was from Junsu.  She assumed it was morning there since it was practically 11pm where she was.  She opened up the picture.  She waited for the picture to load while she read the text that went a long with it, "I hope you come to my house soon."

Finally the picture finished downloading.  It was of Junsu chilling on the couch of his apartment.  Emily smiled at the picture.  He looked so relaxed and cool.  She texted back, "SO COOL! The couch looks comfy.  You look so relaxed too.  Sleep well."

Emily put her phone down to return to her book sonly to see her friends staring at her grinning.  Emily looked between them finally asking, "What?"

"Come on spill," her red headed friend named Celine asked.

"Spill what?" Emily asked raising her brow.

"Who you have been texting?  What's his name?" her brunette haired friend named Jessica asked.

"For all you know it could be my Mom," Emily defended turning back to her book.

Celine took Emily's books making Emily sigh with an annoyed tone, "Come on, Em.  Tell us."

'I don't have to tell them it's the famous Kim Junsu.  They don't even know who he is.  When they asked about my poster, I just told them it was a Korean band...guess it won't hurt because they have no idea who he is,' Emily thought before taking a deep breath, "His name is Junsu and he lives in Korea."

The two girls' eyes got really wide and Jessica asked, "KOREAN?!  Did you meet him in Korea?"

Emily nodded, "Sort of.  We actually met on the plane ride home from Korea."

Celine bit her bottom lip, "What does he look like?  Korean boys are pretty hot, you know?"

Emily shrugged, "He has short-ish hair, a handsome face, well-built body...I mean what else do you want to know?"

"PICTURE!  Show us a picture," Jessica suggested.

"I don't have a picture of him," she lied.

Just then her phone vibrated indicating she was getting a call this time.  Not a text.  She grabbed her phone before Celine could get ahold of it.  She stepped outside of her dorm room before answering cutely, "Yoboseyo?"

She could here Junsu chuckle, "Hello~are you get read..AH getting ready for bed?"

Emily giggled, as she walked outside of the her dorm building, "In a bit.  I was studying for a test."

"Ah~~you ready?"

Emily shrugged, "I think so.  I've been studying forever."

There was a short silence.  Emily sort of liked these moments where they stayed silent.  Just listening to each other's breaths knowing the other person is on the other side of the phone.  Finally Junsu said, "I miss you."

Emily's breathed hitched and her heart skipped a beat.  He sounded so sincere whenever he said that to her.  She blushed saying, "I miss you too, Su."

"Good news~~~" Junsu said in a teasing tone.

Emily waited for him to tell her this so called good news.  Junsu chuckled, "I am coming to America!"

"What?  Really?"  Emily said in disbelief.

"Dae~~~," Junsu replied.

Emily bit her bottom lip, "Why are you telling me this?"

"Want to see you."

Emily held back the giggle threatening to erupt fro her throat, "Well where and when are going to be here?"'
"New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, LA in November," Junsu listed.
Emily immediately went silent, "Junsu...I have school.  I am sorry.  I won't be able to see you unless you come to Washington DC..."
'Damnit!  If only he was coming closer to me, I would go see him in a heartbeat,' emily thought depressingly to herself, 'I can't just skip's impossible to make up days in college...'
"Wae~~~?" Junsu whined a little, "I missh you!"
That comment made Emily blush and smile and giggle softly so much.  She wanted to see him too.  She had begun to see him not as the sexy Korean idol singer he is...but as Kim Junsu the person.  But she had school and she NEEDED to graduate in four years, "Mianhae, Junsu.  I have school.  Next time?"

She heard him sigh sadly on the other side, "Promishe?"
Emily nodded muttering a yes.  They talked for a bit longer till Junsu had to run off to do something with friends (most likely Jaejoong and Yoochun).  They said goodbye and hung up.  Emily stared at her phone going through her photos.  As she scrolled through and finally found one of her favorite picture's of Junsu.

"I'll see you soon, Junsu."

I will update as much as possible before school starts in August :)

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Cute story hunn!
You like emily dont cha? Lol shes one lucky grl in ur stories(;

this story has been updated~sorry for the long wait ;^;

i think i'll be stalking this fic and this is my 1st Junsu fic on LJ :))keep it up!

this story has been updated~sorry for the long wait ;^;

Loved this chap. Can't wait for the next one. XD

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