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Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls (3/?)
pucker up JJ~
Title: Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls 
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut
Rating: PG
Warning: This is a JYJ fic (But i SUPPORT TVXQ5/DB5K)
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own anything but the dream TT^TT
Summary: Dong Bang Shin Ki is on their way to America for Hollywood Bowl, Junsu is seated next to a girl on an airplane who is very intrigued by even with a language barrier, will he be able to surpass his Engrish to communicate with this girl?



Emily was sitting with a few friends in the Dining Hall.  Her best friend Patty had finally gotten a chance to come visit her from her College all the way from Philadelphia.  They were all talking about Jessica auditioning in the musical Legally Blonde for the college.  She wanted the role of Elle obviously.  

Eventually, Emily and Patty left the Dining Hall.  The girls ended up at Patty's car.  Patty was heading to her house to spend time with her family and then come back to hang out with Emily later.  So Emily waved to Patty till she was off campus and out of sight.  It was almost Thanksgiving so there were not a lot of people on campus.  So she decided on sitting outside reading DRACULA.  The breeze was brisk yet inviting.  It was partly cloudy and the autumn leaves were beautiful.  

Emily thought about this a bit...sitting on a bench with a boyfriend in the middle of autumn.  His arm around her shoulders keeping her warm, giving her little teasing kisses on her cheek, and not afraid to even kiss her passionately on the lips in public.   

In the midst of Emily thinking of romantic thoughts, she did not hear footsteps approach her from behind.  She felt a tap on her shoulder making her to turn around with no one there.  Confused she turned back around seeing someone in her peripheral vision looking right at her.  She turned her head...


"AAAHHH!" Emily screamed jumping away from the bench, "Junsu?!"

"Hello," Junsu waved getting up from the bench to help Emily up.

She took his hand and took him behind a tree.  She took a good look at him to make sure she was not hallucinating.  She took a few deep breaths, "Why ar...How did...I mean....What are you doing here?"

Junsu chuckled, "You say you cannot come see me so I come see you."

Emily's mouth was agape, "Seriously?  But you said you were very busy and stuff."

Junsu nodded sadly, "I will stay for few minutes then I have schedules."

Emily smiled shyly biting her botom lip, "You look good."

Junsu nodded smirking with a wink, "I know."

"Narcissistic weirdo," Emily said play glaring at Junsu.

"Emily!" Jessica yelled a few feet away.

Immediately, Emily wished the ground would swallow her.  Jessica has seen the JYJ poster in her room so it was pretty much a guarantee he will be recognized and he will know she is a fan.  Then everything will be ruined.  She turned to Jessica trying to act normal like the hottest man in the world was not behind her, "Hey, Jess."
Jessica smiled at her friend and then did a full bosy check of Junsu.  He smiled and held his hand out to her, "Hello.  My name is Junsu."
Jessica shook his hand saying hello back and Emily could swear that Jessica was undressing Junsu with her eyes.  Oh no she did not!  Jessica isn't even a Cassie!  Just then Junsu's phone rang.  He answered, "Yoboseao?......Dae........Araso."
He hung up with sad eyes, "I must leave now."
Emily nodded sadly, "I understand that you are busy." With your music and fans and stuff.

Junsu dug through his pocket and handing Emily a little crocheted box.  He held it out for her to take.  As she took hold of it Junsu took her hand and kissed it not taking his eyes off of her, "The stone means a lot to me.  Take care of it and my heart."

He said goodbye to Jessica and walked away handsomely.  As soon as he was out of sight, Jessica elbowed Emily, "Open the thing he gave you, woman!"

Emily scowled at her friend opening it carefully.  Inside was a silver claddagh ring with a red ruby being held by the hands.  Red...the color od Cassiopeia.  Jessica gasped, "Oh My God~!!!  That is so pretty.  He must really like you to buy you that!"

Emily blushed at the comment.  She was allowed to believe that for a moment, right?  Yeah she was.  She placed the ring on her right ring finger and admired it.
"Hey, have I ever seen him before?  He looks so familiar to me," Jessica said out loud.
"Uh probably not," Emily immediately said, "he lives in Korea."
Jessica gasped, "Is he your mystery man?"
Emily took a deep breath, "I met him on the plane ride home from Korea."
Jessica nodded, "Ah gotcha.  Well good picking.  I am jealous."
Later that night, Patty returned to Emily's dorm room.  Patty asked about the ring on Emily's finger and Emily came up with the excuse that she found it at the gym and no one claimed it so she took it.  It was around 12:30 am and Emily had actually fallen asleep.  Patty decided to futz around on Emily's computer.  When all of a sudden and Skype chat popped up saying, "You awake?"
Patty looked at the Skype name "SouringMan".  Patty checked his profile, found nothing.  She turned to see Emily still sleeping.  So she typed back pretending to be Emily(iamOsment), "Yeah I am awake."
SouringMan: Can you talk video?
iamOsment: Not tonight.  Friend is over right now.
SouringMan: Ah~!! :) so you like my gift? I was nervous to give you it
Patty thought for a sec 'gift?'  AH~! 
iamOsment: I loved it.  I am wearing it now.  
SouringMan: I put thought into it.

iamOsment: Thank you~

SouringMan: glad you like. but i must sleep now. lots of schedules tommarow.

iamOsment: okay~see you later.

SouringMan has signed out.

Patty continued looking at the screen, 'SouringMan?  Who are you?'
Emily was in the library working on Economics and listening to Junsu's song Intoxication when she got a text from Junsu,

Junsu: herro~

Emily: herro herro ^^ how are you?  are you eating?

Junsu: Dae~~~~I am so glad you like ring

Emily: I really do.  I forgot that we were supposed to skype last night.  I was so tired that I just collapsed on my bed.

Junsu:.... but you were on.....

Emily:  What do you mean I was on?  I feel asleep around 12:30am

Junsu: then, who i talk to?

Emily first thought was Patty.  Was she the one who skype chated with Junsu?  Did she figure it out?  She didn't seem suspicious about anything this morning.  Emily bit her bottom lip hoping Patty would not figure it out.

 Emily's phone vibrated telling her she recieved a pic message from Junsu.  She opened it.  The text said "Wish you were with me ^^"  The picture came through and Emily giggled at it.  She could tell he was in Disney Land in California.  
Emily: Wish I was there too~

Junsu: One day I take you somewhere nice ^^b  Eu Kyang Kyang~!!!!!

Emily: ^////////^ I can't wait~keke
PRETTY PLZ COMMENT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Junsu gets angry when ppl don't comment on his stories~!!! ^^b so comment plz~!!!!!

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I am sorry for the long wait ;A; i updated I kind of needed het I admit and I stubled upon this and I also have to admit I wanna know how this story evolves. I wanna know baaadly....

updated ;3 thanks for reading

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