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Chapter 17 ~Book Win {CHECKMATE}
i see you JJ
Rating: PG-13-NC-17(for sex scenes/rape)
Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, Drama
Warning: Jaejoong won't be in this one...sorry :( but he is the male main character in my other story NO LIFE AFTER YOU
Summary: Claire Mendez is forced to attend a school where a program called The CHECKMATE Program exists. This program allows the males of the school to make any female his QUEEN. Claire is a hardcore feminists bent on never falling in love with a male. But when Jung Yunho comes into her life will she change her mind? But will Yunho end up feeling the same way since he is all hung over Jenny?


Book win ~ An endgame position known to be a win with perfect play

Claire opened her eyes slowly allowing the sun to brighten the new day ahead...however she did not really feel like getting out of bed as she stared at Yunho's sleeping face.  He looked so peaceful and happy.  She softly fixed his hair a little bit giggling.  She looked around her room then to see their clothes strewn all around her room.  All the memories of last came flooding back to her...memories of him holding like a fragile doll, never letting her forget that he was so in love with her, giving her so much pleasure, and being so gentle with her feelings...he was cautious.  

She giggled as she attempted to remove his arm from around her waist but as she moved around, Yunho only held her tighter and he muttered, "Don't move around."

"Yunho, please.  I have to use the bathroom or I'll explode."

He held her tighter smirking evilly in his head.  Claire kept pushing his arm away and when he he would not give, she resorted to poking harshly and finally he let go.  She grabbed his T-shirt and ran into the bathroom.  Yunho groaned loudly claiming his revenge.  

Inside the the bathroom, Claire had relived herself and took a good look at her body.  He neck and stomach were covered in hickey's.  Mom was either going to have a fit or yell and scream.  But Claire was sure it would be the latter because her Mom wants her to have a boyfriend...and hickey's kind of come along with the package shouldn't be a problem...besides they made her feel sexy. 

Meanwhile, in Claire's bedroom, Yunho threw himself out of bed and onto the floor then, stepping in front of the mirror to fix himself a little bit and put some cologne on.  He noticed a little blue book lying on the dresser.  He opened it curiously.  As he turned the pages, he noticed that the pages were filled with music notes and lyrics.  The lyrics were so different then how she acted.  The lyrics spoke of wanting to a life, wanting to be held and loved, just like the song she sang last night.  All she has even wanted was to be loved ad protected...but she was afraid.  Keyword...was.  Yunho grinned to himself.

"Okay, I feel so much better now," Claire said walking up behind him to hug Yunho around his waist, "What are yo--HEY!"


Claire tried to grab the notebook from Yunho's hand only to have him keep it above his head, "That's mine!"

"It's not a diary thought."

Claire huffed annoyed, "It's my diary of music, Yunho!  Give it here!"

He wrapped his free arm around her waist and kissed her nose, "I'll give it back only if you promise to sing me one of these songs."

"What?! No!"

"Please, baby?"  Yunho asked putting on the best puppy dog eyes that he could. 

 "Yunho~~~~~~~" Claire whined, "we just woke up come on."

"You have to agree to sing me one fo these AND you have to call me Yunnie," he bargained mischievous.  

Claire exhaled loudly, "Fine."


Claire raised her eyebrow, "Fine, Yunnie oppa."

Yunho did not expect the word 'oppa' to come out of her mouth.  She must have learned that from one of her friends.  Yunho could not put his finger as to why but her saying 'Oppa' was quite a turn on.  He dropped the book onto the floor.  Grabbing Claire's legs, wrapping them around his waist.  Her back to the wall, his naked chest to her covered one.  What made it more intimate to Yunho was her wearing his shirt. He was all around her.  Claire's arms wound around his neck clinging to him tightly as to not fall.  Claire moaned and pressed herself against him trying to get as close as possible. He moved from her lips to her neck and tugged at his shirt she was wearing.   He pinned her to the wall again with another kiss, loving yet possessive.  Pressing his erection against her, he whispered in her ear, "I am sorry, Claire, it's just--oh my God--you jus-everything you do it turns me on."

Claire moaned in response running her hands through his brown locks, "I am glad I do.  It's part of my job as your girlfriend, Oppa."

"Oh My God, Claire Mendez, I want you!"

"Take me."

Yunho found her lips again as she helped him lower his pants and boxers.  He was about to put his delicious meat into her when...,"Claire, honey, I am makin-OH MY LORD!!!!!"


Yunho immediately dropped Claire to ground and regretting it the second it happened, "Omo, Claire?!  Are you okay?"

They both heard the door close.  Claire swallowed a big gulp of saliva, "My Mom just walked in on me almost having sex with you against the wall...Fridge!"


"Shut up," Claire weakly fought back, "What am I going to do?  Okay, you take a shower and I will go talk to her."

Yunho immediately got up and ran into the bathroom and turning on the water.  Claire fixed herself up a little bit. She put a little concealer on too to cover up some of the those hickey's Yunho so happily put all over her body as well as putting some pants on. She cautiously walked from her room to the kitchen where she could smell bacon. eggs, pancakes, and bagels. She saw her Mom in her robe with a pair of sweatpants on. Taking a deep breath she approached her, "…Mom?"

"Oh there you are, baby," her Mom jumped into action making a plate of food for her daughter, "Here you go, baby. I am sure you are famished."

Claire thank her Mom for the food taking another deep breath, "Mom, look…about what you saw in my room. I am re--"

"Claire," Maria stated with a chuckle, "I know what is going around in that little brain of yours. I want to put your worries away. I am not angry. Nor am I disappointed. I am happy you found a man that can make you happy and all smiley. A man who is quite a hunk if you ask me and a man that can bring you pleasure behind closed doors."

"So you aren't mad at me or Yunho?"

Maria shook her head with a chuckle, "No, baby. He is sweet, hot and strong. That is the kind of guy I have always wanted for you. Ever since that day with Mario, your faith and trust in men had diminished. So, I am glad there is a man who you trust with your life and your heart."

Claire blushed a little bit with a smile. So, her Mom was cool with her and Yunho doing naughty things behind closed doors. Claire started eating her eggs after grabbing the ketchup. Maria finished up a bacon strip before saying quickly, "Actually, Claire. I am okay with you and Yunho having sex as long as you two are using protection, okay?"

"Oh please, Mom! Yes, all the time. I would not let him if he didn't," Claire defended.

"Good. Now," Maria whispered excitedly leaning towards Claire, "Is he any good in bed?"

Claire's mouth went agape, "Mom?!"

"Oh come on~~give me deets, honey," Maria begged.

Claire sighed at her Mom's childishness, "Okay……he is….freaking amazing~!!! I didn't think it was possible to feel so much pleasure. He knows where to kiss, where to nibble, where to lick, and where to pressure at the right moments, at the right time. Oh my God, Mom. He is perfect! He is so sweet and caring and only making sure I feel pleasure."

Maria chuckled, "Well, he sounds utterly perfect, honey."

The two finished up their breakfast quickly talking more about Yunho and is oh so perfect bed performances. Then, the shower water had turned off. So, Claire put her dished away and headed to her room with a goofy grin.

"Oh, Claire! Don't say anything to him because I wanna mess with him a little bit," Maria said with a giggle.

"Oh, Mom…fine. Just not too messing okay?"

Maria agreed as Claire walked into her bedroom as Yunho came out of the bathroom. Claire could see Yunho was nervous about how Maria reacted to finding them in the middle of one of their sexual escapades. Yunho waited for Claire to say something and when she didn't Yunho asked, "How mad is she?"

"On a scale of 1-10?"

Yunho nodded nervously when Claire sighed, "I can't even describe it."

"Aw, crap," Yunho said distraught.

It took all of Claire's will power not to break down and say it is a joke. Claire ran into the bathroom with a towel leaving Yunho to ponder on what to do. So he changed quickly in a t-shirt and washed out jeans. He took a deep breath heading to the kitchen. He saw Maria sitting at the table eating her breakfast. Yunho was about to say good morning but his grumbling stomach beat him to it. Maria looked up with neither a smile or a greeting. So, yunho bowed a little bit saying good morning.

Maria only nodded and turned back to her paper and breakfast telling Yunho to get his own food.  Yunho got his food and sat with Maria.  There was an awkward silence and Yunho could not even stomach his food.  He took a deep breath, "Look, Mrs--"

"You know what, Yunho?  I invite you into my home.  Allow you to room with my daughter and you even had the nerve to try to keep her from me over Christmas?!" 

"I was being stupid and I really have no excuse.  I am so sorry.  I won't touch her anymore but i want you to know that I love her with all my heart, mind, soul, being, all of me.  I will protect her always.  I would never let anyone else touch her or harm her.  Just like Juliet belonged to Romeo you can believe me when I say I won't be letting her go!" Yunho declared.

Maria stared at him staying serious.  Yunho waited to be scolded or yelled about him taking Claire's innocence.  

"Do you mean it?" a small voice asked.

Yunho looked behind him to find Claire in his blue jacket with the hood up, wet hair from the shower.  To Yunho right now she looked so vulnerable, innocent, and she even looked shocked.  Yunho nodded slightly, "Yes, I do."

Claire went up and hugged his waist tightly.  Yunho hugged her shoulders, "I mean it, Claire, I love you, baby."

Claire looked at her Mom pleading for the joke to stop.  Maria then started to chortle and then she broke out into a fit of laughter, "Oh, Claire, baby you should have seen his face!  He looked so scared of me.  I felt so powerful and I am so sorry, Yunho.  But, I could not resist.  I so trust you, Yunho, to take care of my baby.  I really do."
Yunho just then breathed air full of relief smiling at Maria then to Claire who he kissed with all the passion in the world.  After a minute of getting a front row seat of making out, Maria coughed loudly, "I am am going to take a shower.  You two finish eating breakfast, not each other and we will go out shopping for Christmas, okay?"
The two lovers nodded not looking at Maria.  Maria chuckled walking to her room.  As soon as Yunho heard Maria's door shut, he pulled Claire right up against him and took her lips on his.  He grinds up against her making her moan softly.  His hands grace her thighs upwards before pulling her closer, "Should we continue where we left off before your mother interrupted us?"
"Oh please do, Yunnie oppa~"
It was a mind blowing kiss; one that made Claire dizzy.  Yunho deepened the kiss and thrusting his tongue into her mouth.  The kiss was wild and passionate and desperate even, but it wasn't rough. I t was a perfect needful kiss.   Yunho wrapped his arms around her waist and Claire wrapped hers around his neck before moving them into his hair; his perfect, soft hair.  She loved his hair.  She ran her fingers through the soft strands and they stayed kissing like that for a few more seconds until air became inevitable.  They broke apart, both panting and gasping for air, but Yunho did not let go of Claire and neither did she release him.  Yunho leaned down and rested his forehead against hers as he continued to breathe heavily, "I am so happy, Claire.  I love you."

Both their hearts were beating fast and both of their bodies were practically crying out for the others.  Yunho had an undeniable effect on her and Claire definitely did things to Yunho, "Yunho, I so badly want to continue but my Mom will be done with her shower soon and if breakfast is not mostly gone then we will be in trouble."

Reluctantly, Yunho let go with a chuckle agreeing. So, the two finished their breakfast with intertwined hands, feeding each other.  This was all so surreal to Claire.  She was sitting at the breakfast room after a night of was a like a scene from a romance movie...and it was awesome!  Claire felt all of her trouble were behind.  Her loneliness  came to end while her happiness finally caught up to her. 
So Yunho will watching this making sure all of you comment (look a gif :3)


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