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Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls (4/?)
pucker up JJ~
Title: Of Language Barriers, Airplanes, and Fangirls
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut
Rating: PG-13 (this part)
Warning: This is a JYJ fic (But i SUPPORT TVXQ5/DB5K)
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own anything but the dream TT^TT
Summary: Dong Bang Shin Ki is on their way to America for Hollywood Bowl, Junsu is seated next to a girl on an airplane who is very intrigued by even with a language barrier, will he be able to surpass his Engrish to communicate with this girl?

DECEMBER 23, 2010
Emily woke up with a yawn and a crack of the back.  She threw the covers off of her revealing her blue panda PJs that Junsu sent her as a gift.  Throwing the hood up, she walked passed the living room area of her friends apartment.  Her parents allowed her to spend the Holidays with her friend Celine at her apartment in Washington, DC.  She entered the kitchen with the smell of blueberry muffins reaching her nose, "Ah!  Those smell so good~!"

"It is about time you woke up," Celine teased, "I was about to start eating without you."

Emily laughed, "You would not dare."

"How did you sleep?"

Emily nodded stretching again, "Great thanks.  The bed is so comfy."

Celine then placed the muffins out on the table with bacon and scrambled eggs.  Before taking her own place, Celine gave Emily her coffee. After sipping the warm drink all Emily could say is, "Ah~~~"

The girls giggled and made plans for the day.  They were going to meet up with a couple girlfriends and Celine's newest boytoy Tristan.  They met him at a club where we played the guitar and sang.  He is an aspiring was love at first site.  The thought of Celine spending Christmas with her special someone made Emily feel a bit of jealously.  What was Junsu doing for Christmas?  Is he with his parents and his twin brother?  Or is he with Jaejoong and Yoochun?  Either way, she misses him so much.

"Earth to Emily!"

"Huh? What?"

Celine chuckled at her friend, "Did you hear me?"

Emily took a deep breath shaking her head, "No sorry.  What did you say?"

"I said go shower and get ready.  You take faster showers then me," Celine explained.

Emily nodded finishing her muffin and coffee then running off the bathroom to get ready for another lonely day without Junsu.

Finally after two hours, the girls were ale to head out in their winter attire to meet their friends.  Emily decided to go with a cute but chic look, whereas Celine went with bright and colorful.  The two girls reached the little coffee shop where Tristan, Amber, Alex, and Kristen were waiting.  When they arrived, immediately Celine kissed Tristan and Emily could see the only available seat was next to Alex.  He has been chasing after her for almost a year now and Emily did not have the heart to tell him to back off.

"Hey, Em," Alex said shyly.

"Hey, Alex," Emily smiled back, "Cold outside huh?"

Alex laughed, "Yeah.  So cold." 

He was sweet, smart, a gentlemen...but he was not Junsu.  She had thought about dating Alex to see how things would go because for all she knew Junsu was living the high life in Korea sexing it up with any girl who was throwing herself at him, but she could not bring herself to do it.

The group of friends chit-chatted about Christmas tomorrow because everyone was coming over to Celine's apartment to celebrate, spend the night and open presents the next day.  As the conversation went on Emily's phone vibrated.  Her heart stopped for a millisecond looking up at her friends.  She stood up announcing she had to take the phone call but, Amber said to just stay, that they would be quiet.  Emily sat down swiping her finger across her iPhone to answer, "Hello?"


Emily chuckled, "What's up?  It has been awhile since we talked.  Have you been busy?"

"Dae~~~So so so so busy."

"Well what are you doing for Christmas Eve tomorrow?" Emily asked and out of the corner of her eye she could see Alex looking at her.

"I am going to spend it with someone special to me."

Immediately, thoughts ran through her head, "Your Mom?"


"Your brother?"


Emily sighed sadly, "A um-anot...another girl?"

Chuckling could be heard on the other end of the line, "Ani."

"Then, who?"  Emily was utterly confused at who this mysterious "special  someone" was.


Emily's heart beat faster, "Me?  You can't though.  You are all the way in Korea and I am here in America."

Immediately, Celine's eyes were on Emily.  Emily heard more chuckling, "Look outside."

Emily slowly lifted her head to look outside...and there he was standing on the other side of the street looking at perfect as ever.  Emily shook her head, rubbed her eyes, and looked back...he was still there smiling at her.  Her friend's looked outside as well trying to figure out who exactly Emily was looking at.  Emily ended the call, got up quickly, ran out of the coffee shop, looked both ways, and just as she was about to jump into Junsu's arms, he put his phone in his pocket.  Wrapping his arms around her waist, picked her up and spun her laughing.  

He put her down and rubbed her arms, "Your jacket?"

Emily looked down realizing she left her coat in the shop, she looked down.  Junsu lifted her head up with his fingers smiling at her, "That moment was so much better then I imagined."

The friends who watched the whole thing.  They watched the mysterious boy put his arm around her waist walking quickly across the street and back into the shop.  If looks could kill, Alex would have killed the mystery guy the moment he touched her.  Emily walked over to her table of friends, "Guys.  This is Junsu."

Junsu smiled at them nodding, "Hello."

Everyone said hello.  Tristan got Junsu a chair and he sat next to Emily pretty much cockblocking Alex.  Then, the questions started.  How did you two meet?  Where did you two meet?  How long have you guys known each other?  Junsu and Emily laughed and answered all their questions.  Emily kept taking glances at Alex who sat quietly drinking his coffee.

"So, Junsu, what do you do for a living?" Tristan asked.

"I am a singer," Junsu said simply.

Immediately, Tristan got excited, "Me too.  Let's hear how good you are." 

Junsu cleared his throat dramatically and sang, "Whenever you look in my eyes,  I do want to show you my love, I make up my mind, make your dreams come true, Nobody can stop me to say 'I love you'."

The table clapped and Junsu bowed slightly with a shy laugh.  Emily could have easily said, 'Oh yeah~that is from his debut song HUg but it is the international version',but she only thought that thought to herself.

Eventually, Celine clapped her hands announcing it was time to head to the mall and Junsu was more then welcome to tag along.  As they exited the coffee shop, Emily grabbed onto Alex's coat sleeve.  

"What?" Alex asked with an annoyed sigh.

Emily sighed too saying, "I am sorry, Alex."

"For what?"

"I--I just feel like I need to apologize," Emily explained, "I know, well knew now i guess, that you liked me and I feel like because I didn't tell you I was not interested, I led you on and I feel really bad."

"Does this Junsu guy treat you right?"

Emily scrunched his forehead, "Huh?"

"Can I walk away from you knowing you will be in good hands?" Alex asked

Emily sighed with a smile, "Yeah."

Alex nodded, "Then, there is nothing to apologize for."

With that Alex walked away leaving Emily to stand there still feeling like a bitch.  But, when Alex turned back, he turned back to her with a smile, "Well, come on.  The others are going to wonder what happened to us."

The whole day was spent at the mall with coffee, Christmas music, and buying presents.  Junsu did not buy anything though claiming he had already bought Emily someone.  Around five in the evening, the group said their goodbyes and headed back home to rest up for Celine's Christmas party.  Celine told Emily she was going to Tristan's apartment for a few hours and would be back later.  Junsu was given permission to reside at Celine's apartment for the remainder of his trip.  

The two headed back to the apartment as they neared the door, Emily's heart beat started going faster and faster.  As she took the key out of her purse she felt Junsu tentatively place his hands on her hips causing her jump slightly.  She quickly opened the door and flicking on the light.  Junsu took his shoes off and walked into the apartment taking a look at his surroundings as Emily put their coats in the closet.

"Do you want some tea or something?"  Emily offered.

Junsu nodded taking a seat on the couch.  Emily went to the kitchen which was luckily out of site from where Junsu was sitting.  She took deep breaths trying to calm her beating heart.  They haven't even been in the building for five minutes and she was already freaking out.  She pulled out the tea bags and boiled the water.

Meanwhile, Junsu was just as nervous as Emily was.  As soon as she went to the kitchen, Junsu stood up to look into the mirror that happened to be on the wall.  Making sure his hair was good, his face was good, and that his breath smelled okay.  He took a deep breath when he heard the water boil and whispered to himself in the mirror, "Okay, Junsu, you can do this!" and he lightly slapped himself before sitting back on the couch.  

Emily walked back into the living room as soon as Junsu had sat down.  Emily wondered how he could not look nervous as all when inside she was a hot mess.  Their hands brushed lightly as Emily handed him his cup.  They sat together on the couch and Junsu began to ask how she had been doing.  She told him about school. her teachers, her internship she was applying for, etc.  


"Hmm?" He asked placing his mug on the coffee table.

"Why are you here?"

Junsu stopped for a second then sat back looking at her.  He took her mug from her hands and placed it on the table.  Then, he scooted a little bit closer to her, hugging her waist with this arms.  Emily could only place her hands on his strong shoulders as he stared into her eyes, "Because I missed you."

Emily blinked a few times, "You...missed me?"

Junsu nodded, "It took a couple days to convince my Mom to let me come and miss Christmas with her but once I told her I needed to see someone special to me she understood.  I are okay with it?"

Emily nodded immediately which made Junsu chuckle.  They continued to stare into each other's eyes until Junsu's drifted down to her lips.  Emily did not miss it and Junsu did not miss the hitch in her breathing.  His arms tightened around her waist bringing her a bit closer.  He slowly moved closer to her face and Emily could not bring herself to close her eyes.  His lips softly touched hers and it ended as soon as it began.  Junsu searched her eyes for any signs of discomfort but all he found was desire and maybe love?

Junsu reached out and lightly brushed her cheek.  Emily sucked in a surprised breath as the feelings of love and hope flooded her.  Was this really happening?  Junsu took a deep breath, "I want nothing more than to make you happy, no matter the cost.  I realize that I do not deserve you, but if you let me, I will do everything in my power to make sure that one day, I am the man you deserve."

Was that a confession?  Emily's mouth went from being open to a wide smile, "Oh, Junsu~I don't think I deserve you."

Junsu shook his head and surly he'd be able to hear her heartbeat if he couldn't feel it.  He brought up his other hand to her other cheek and Emily closed her eyes and sighed at the slight touch.  She opened her eyes and stared into Junsu's black eyes.  

Shyly, Emily lifted her chin ever so slightly.  Junsu's face seemed to drop towards hers again, but it was hard to tell, the movement was so small.  But Emily was certain that he had moved, and her eyes fluttered close.  Her heart was pounding in her chest and her stomach was doing summersaults.  After a moment, she was almost going to open her eyes to make sure he was still there, but Junsu's lips pressed against hers.  She stiffened for a second before relaxing again.  Junsu seemed hesitant, but soon applied more pressure on her lips.  She kissed him back, softy, molding her lips to his.    

After a couple minutes of sweeting kissing, Junsu's hands traveled from her cheeks to her waist and her wrapped his arms around her carefully yet tightly.  He broke the kiss to catch his breath.  Junsu grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to his chest.  He fell back on the couch with her on top of him.  He stared at her face, taking the moment in.  Their bodies couldn't get any more mashed together than they were now, yet Junsu wanted them to be even closer.  He felt every curve of tiny body against his.  He stared at her for a few seconds more before bringing his face to hers, and pressing his lips against Emily's.  She bit on his bottom lip gently before letting herself up for air when a thought occurred to her, "Aren't you worried Celine is going to get home and walk in on us?"

"She said she wasn't going to be home for a few hours and I'm still not done with you yet," he replied playfully.

 Their lips found each other again and Junsu sat up making her squeak into his mouth making Junsu chuckle and Emily to blush.  He returned to her lips as he laid her down on the couch with him in between her legs.  Junsu had one hand on her cheek and the other wrapped around her thigh which she had wrapped around his waist.     

"You're so beautiful." Junsu smiled looking into her eyes.

"You make me feel so beautiful." She blushed under Junsu's loving gaze.

The rest of the evening was spent with teasing kisses, whispers of sweet nothings, and some pretty steamy kisses.  The new couple finally decided to go to bed.  Once in bed, with Junsu's arm wrapped around Emily's waist, for the the first time in a long time, it was easy to fall asleep.  She heard Junsu hum softly and in that was perfect. 


I will try to get better about updating. I promise.  So for those of you wanted an update in this chappie~here you go. COMMENT PLZ???!?!  Angel Xiah likes comments ;D

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Hi Angel Xiah. XD
Waiting for an update <3
Love you twitmate <3

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